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21 Rules For Home Security
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21 Rules for Home Security


There are 21 rules that explain why every home needs the protection of an ADT monitored home security system. These rules help to protect the home and family from more than just burglaries, the home alarm system can protect against smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, all which can put the family in danger.

    1. ADT monitored home security systems: Have a home security system, and use it both when the family is at home and when the house is empty. This helps protect the family from home break-ins when it is armed, and it can also help protect the family from other dangers like smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.


    1. Monitored home security: Monitoring is important for every home security system, this means when the alarm is triggered that the family hears the alert and so do trained operators at the monitoring center that can send help.


    1. Why have ADT: Have a home security system and monitoring by ADT, because they are rated number one, and have all of the latest technology for their alarm systems and in their monitoring centers. This is a company that also has six monitoring centers, compared with other home security companies that have fewer and that means less trained operators to receive alerts when they happen.


    1. Features: Choose the optional features that ADT offers to fit the family and the house, like carbon monoxide detection for homes with gas appliances, including furnaces, water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers and fireplaces. There is protection against smoke, fire, water leaks and medical monitoring, which help to fit the needs of every family.


    1. When moving into a new home if it does not have an ADT monitored home security system installed have one put into the home. If it does have a home security system, have it checked out to make certain it is up to date and working correctly. The security system can only protect a family when it is working correctly and when it is armed.


    1. Take advantage of technology in home security systems, this means, know about the different features like the ability to have the ADT system alert the monitoring center by using a cell phone, rather than a house telephone. This optional feature means the family is protected even when a burglar cuts the house telephone line to disable the ADT system from calling the monitoring center.


    1. Make sure that every member of the family understands how to use the ADT monitored home security system. This will prevent false alarms, and it will also make certain that the security system is used. Make it easy for members of the family to arm and disarm the alarm system with key chain remotes, this makes it easy for even younger members of the family coming home from school before parents arrive home from work to use the home security system.


    1. Make children safe at home, make sure the children that will be coming home from school understand how the ADT monitored home security system can protect them and how to arm and disarm it properly. Explain how important it is that they have the security system armed when they come home from school. This will help protect the children and make them feel secure when they are home alone. This gives parents peace of mind that their children are protected from smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and from burglars or strangers.


    1. Check the security of the house; check doors and windows to make certain they are in the proper working order. This should be done each season and if they are not working correctly they should be changed.


    1. When changing door locks, consider changing to newly developed locks that help fight crime. These locks are keyless and that means the burglar cannot pick the lock and they cannot fool the lock. It also means that no keys need to be given to non-family members like babysitters or repairmen and there is no reason to hide a key outside of the home.


    1. Protecting the home means protecting every door, including pet doors, these are sometimes large enough for a burglar to slide in through. This can be replaced with a pet door that is manufactured with security in mind or it should have a lock installed for when it is not needed.


    1. This rule is to remind families to use preventive maintenance; this means keeping bushes trimmed away from the house to take away any hiding spots for a burglar. It also means placing the ADT window decals in the window where they can be seen from the road and placing the sign in the yard. This will tell burglars your home is not a target for them.


    1. Every season check the security system batteries back up to ensure it is working correctly. This can protect the family from danger even when there is a power failure.


    1. Stay ahead of burglars and make coming home after dark more comfortable for the family with the use of outdoor lighting. This can be lighting that works from dusk till dawn or that is by motion detection. It will keep the house lit and burglars could feel threatened that they could be seen sneaking into the house. At the same time, it makes it safer and easier for family members arriving home after dark to get safely into the house.


    1. When going away on vacation use light timers, these are cheap and easy to use. They can be placed on televisions, lighting, and radios to give the appearance that someone is at home. These timers should be set so that lights and televisions or radios will go on and off in different rooms. This gives the burglar watching the home the appearance that there is someone home and this will keep them from approaching the house in most cases.


    1. Before leaving for vacation have newspapers and mail stopped for the length of time that the family will be gone, this can send a message to the burglar when mail and newspapers pile up that there is no one home.


    1. To defend the home and family at the same time make the ADT monitored home security system provide more protection, there can be cameras installed both inside and outside of the home. The one large advantage to this is what the cameras see can be watched on a computer or laptop. That means that when the family is on vacation they can have a good time, because they know their house and possessions are safe.


    1. Know about the protection features in your home security system, the alarm system provides protection from so much more than break-ins. There is protection from smoke and fire that can keep the family safe and in most cases limit the amount of structure damage to the home. Carbon monoxide detection is another of the features available; this will protect the family that has gas appliances. These appliances include gas furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, and gas fireplaces. Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless poison that can be deadly to both humans and pets.


    1. Learn about the two-way voice feature, this feature can give the family that is faced with a home emergency the calm trained voice of an ADT representative that can help the family through the crisis until the authorities arrive. It is also possible for family members to speak back to them with the two-way intercom that is on the control panel without being near it.


    1. ADT home security protection is made for more than just new houses, there are two different types of systems that offer all of the features, the two-way voice, the smoke and fire protection, carbon monoxide detection, and medical monitoring.


  1. The home security system should be the top rated home protection alarm system and that means ADT that is rated number one for the protection and the features that it provides for families and for their home.

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