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List Of ADT Dealers Call Us For More Details



State Dealer Name State License #
AL Advanced Design Technology Systems AL 887
AL Advanced Video
AL Alarm Team AL 07-993
AL Alarm Team AL 07-993
AL Protect Your Home AL 09-1104
AR Advanced Security Inc
AZ Gaylord Security Systems AZ ROC 216601
AZ Protect Your Home AZ ROC 217517
AZ Ranger American AZ ROC 178386
CA ASC Security CA ACO5314 / ACQ2986
CA Gaylord Security Systems CA ACO5685 / ACQ4916
CA Protect Your Home CA ACO 6320 / ACQ2986
CO Protect Your Home CO-110357041
CT First Detection CT 185208
CT Protect Your Home CT ELC 0193944-l5
DE Eversafe Security DE 2000110752
DE Protect Your Home DE 07212
FL Absolute Security Inc FL ECA001513
FL Advanced Design Technology Systems FL EF000865
FL First Detection FL EFA001024
FL Protect Your Home FL ELC13003401
FL Ranger American FL EF000914
GA Absolute Security Inc GA LVG004028
GA Alarm Detection Technology Inc
GA Alarm Detection Technology Inc
GA Alarm Detection Technology Inc
GA Advanced Video
GA Protect Your Home GA LVA 205157
IA Direct Security Services IA No License Required
IA Directech Protection IA 6503872
ID Protect Your Home ID ID 39131
IL Direct Security Services IL 128-000189
IL First Detection IL 127-001135
IL Protect Your Home IL 127-001042
IN Directech Protection IN No License Requirements
IN First Detection IN 127001135
IN Protect Your Home IN No License Requirements
IN Ranger American IN No License Requirements
KS Direct Security Services KS No License Requirements
KS Protect Your Home KS No License Requirements
KY Directech Protection KY No License Requirements
KY/Louisville Protect Your Home KY-483
LA Directech Protection LA 6537898
LA Preferred Sound Security & Surveillance LLC 258
LA Protect Your Home LA F1082
MA Nightwatch Protection Inc MA 1471C
MA Protect Your Home MA 1355C
MD Absolute Security Inc MD 107-1291
MD Alarm Team MD 107-602
MD Eversafe Security MD 107-1168
MD Protect Your Home MD 30339155, 107-1375
MI Directech Protection MI 6503866
MI Protect Your Home MI 3601204877
MN Protect Your Home TS01807
MO Direct Security Services MO No License Requirements
MO/St.Louis Protect Your Home MO LC7017450,CC354
MS Advanced Design Technology Systems MS 909887
MS Advanced Video
Preferred Sound Security & Surveillance LLC
MS Protect Your Home MS 15007958
NC Alarm Team NC 624-CSA
NC Protect Your Home NC NC-25310-SP-LV
NC Ranger American NC BPN003199P10
NE Direct Security Services NE No License Requirement
NE Protect Your Home NE 14451
NH Nightwatch Protection Inc NH No License Requirements
NJ Eversafe Security NJ 13VH02656300
NJ Protect Your Home 34BF00021800
NM Security USA Inc NM 61675
NM Protect Your Home NM 353366
NV Gaylord Security Systems NV 47903
NV/Las Vegas Protect Your Home B-14-00075-6-121756, C11-11262-L-121756
NV Protect Your Home NV 68518
NY First Detection NY 12000267870
NY Protect Your Home NY 12000286451
OH Directech Protection OH No License Required
OH Protect Your Home OH-53891446
OK Alliance Fire & Security
OK Protect Your Home OK 1048
OR Gaylord Security Systems OR 37-836CLE
OR Protect Your Home OR 170997
PA Eversafe Security PA No License Requirements
PA Protect Your Home PA No License Requirements
RI Nightwatch Protection Inc RI 2559
RI Protect Your Home RI 3428
SC Alarm Team SC BAC 5245
SC Protect Your Home SC BAC 5630
TN Protect Your Home TN C-1164
TX Directech Protection TX 6583926
TX Protect Your Home TX B 13734
TX Ranger Houston TX B06336 / TX B13660
TX/Houston Ranger American TX C01660
TX/Austin Ranger American TX C01660-H
TX/Dallas Ranger American TX C01660-F
TX USA Protection TX-6868159
UT Protect Your Home UT 6422596-6501
UT Stone Security UT 6132361-6501
VA Absolute Security Inc VA 11-3160
VA Alarm Team VA 11-2366
VA Eagle Security Solutions
VA Protect Your Home VA 115120
VT Protect Your Home VT-ES-2382
WA Gaylord Security Systems WA GAYLO11055JG / GAYLORK088N
WA Protect Your Home WA-602588694/PROTEYH934RS
WI First Detection WI No License Requirements
WI/Milwaukee Protect Your Home M-0001599
WV Protect Your Home WV 042433

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