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Home Security Systems can Affect the Cost of Homeowners Insurance


Home security systems like ADT can affect the cost of homeowners insurance, because the features that prevent break-ins and the smoke and fire detection can lower the claims of a homeowner. That is passed on to the homeowner by many insurance companies in the form of lower premiums.

Protection from a home security system, along with the window decals and sign in the yard will deter the person that would break into a house from doing it and risk being caught. The robber wants an easy house to break into, they do not want alarms blaring and do not want an ADT home security system being triggered and calling the monitoring center. That means the family will not have any theft claims they file with their homeowners insurance. The one thing that can help the homeowner to even further avoid a home break-in, while saving money just for having the security system is to place the decals on the window and the sign in the yard. This lets anyone thinking about breaking into the house that it is protected by not just an alarm system that makes noise, but one that also calls the monitoring center. Robbers know this will mean the police will arrive quickly and they could be caught and arrested. The insurance company also realizes this, which is why when there is an ADT home security system in the residence it is safer from crime.

The protection from smoke and fire means that the fire department can arrive much faster and there will be less damage done to the structure and to possessions contained in the house. This is because when this alarm is triggered the ADT home security system will then alert the monitoring center, which will send the fire department. That is much faster than the family calling after getting safely out of the house when at home or when they aren’t there a neighbor noticing smoke or fire. When less damage is done to the structure and the contents of the family’s possessions the claim that is filed to the insurance company will be much lower.

Compared to homes that do not have the protection of an ADT home security system the claims are less and for a smaller amount. That is factored in by the insurance company, which allows them to charge the homeowner less for their yearly premiums than the homeowner without an alarm system. What it does for the family living in a house with an ADT alarm system is help protect them twenty-four hours a day from break-ins, smoke, fire and high levels of carbon monoxide all which are dangerous. These allows the family to pay less for homeowners insurance, while at the same time insuring their safe and secure feeling they have when at home. This is a win-win situation for the family that has a home security system and helps to make sure that their possessions stay where they belong, instead of in the hands of a stranger.

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4 Responses to “Home Security Systems can Affect the Cost of Homeowners Insurance”

  1. Alice says:

    I was wondering about this, I kind of thought that when you added the fire detection and alert system as well as flood detection that it would lower your homeowners insurance, after all that is why they ask you if you live in a flood plan etc. when you are buying insurance. This was a great blog and I appreciate the answers to my questions. You did a great job posting the information.

  2. Diana says:

    It quite honestly is about time that an insurance company thought about this, did the security company have to go to them and ask them to consider this or is it something they did on their own… I am glad that they are doing it though this gives added incentive to homeowners to get a security system and protect their loved ones and their belongings.

  3. Deanne says:

    This is great news I was reading your other blogs about picking the right ADT system and I thought that it should cause a discount on your insurance if you added the flood detection as well as fire. I am going to have to get one of these now, I wonder if the stickers are an additional savings or it is all just a one shot deal? Thank you for the information this is awesome.

  4. Meredith says:

    This really does make sense after all, like you pointed out the advance detection and faster alert so the response is faster as well cuts down on the amount of the claim saving the insurance company money so why shouldn’t they save you money? This has been something that should have been offered by insurance companies trying to get people to get security systems.

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